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CORRIDOR NEWS                                                                                                                          

Fuel cells to help power plant

Oct 26, 2017 | Citizen's News

(Credit: Luke Marshall)

(Image credit: Luke Marshall)

NAUGATUCK — The borough’s wastewater treatment plant has a new, green way to get its electricity. Officials unveiled three fuel cells during a ceremony Oct. 18 at the borough-owned plant at 500 Cherry Street Ext. Fuel cells work by stripping the hydrocarbons out of the natural gas and combining hydrogen with oxygen to produce energy. The only emission is steam. The three fuel cells can generate up to 12,089 megawatt hours per year. 

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Microsoft Is Getting Hungry for Fuel Cells

Oct 31, 2017 | Bloomberg

Microsoft Corp. is moving to use fuel cells at its power-hungry server farms, saying the technology may double the efficiency of energy used. The software company is testing how it can use the devices to generate electricity and plans to install a 10-megawatt fuel cell within a few years at a cost of about $45 million. "This technology is very, very disruptive, and we're investing a lot of time and money into it," said Sean James, principal research program manager at Microsoft's R&D program on energy strategy. "We could almost double the energy efficiency. We've been able to model and measure in the lab that with fuel cells." Once so expensive that they were only used in laboratories and space projects, fuel cells have spread to more commercial applications seeking lower-pollution forms of energy.

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