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 November 16 - 19, 2015

 Westin Bonaventure Hotel
 Los Angeles, California

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July 6, 2015

We are excited to share with you a great write-up in Midwest Energy News, featuring the OFCC, several of our members, the 2015 Symposium, and how Ohio is contributing to the growing market and commercialization of fuel cells. Thank you to Midwest Energy reporter, Kathiann Kowalski, who attended this year's Symposium, and for the very informative article.

SunLine fuel cell bus.


Fuel cell technology in Ohio is already moving from research and development into commercialization, according to industry experts at the 2015 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium. Moreover, that growth is taking place despite recent setbacks in state policy.

Sponsored by the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition (OFCC), the June 15-16 conference at Lorain County Community College in Elyria stressed achievements and highlighted future directions for fuel cells in mobile, portable and fixed distributed generation applications.

Basically, fuel cells use electrons from hydrogen fuel to create an electric current. In the process, hydrogen ions combine with oxygen to produce water as a byproduct. Hydrogen for the process can come from different sources. The most commonly used method involves using natural gas. That process produces some carbon dioxide, but at levels lower than from the direct burning of fossil fuels. Other methods could produce even fewer emissions.

Hydrogen fuel cells are widely considered to be a clean energy option, not only for powering vehicles and machines but also for distributed generation of electricity.

As Kirt Conrad of Ohio’s Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) sees it, hydrogen fuel cell technology “is no longer a science fair project.  Read more here














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Pictured is the Kent State University research group at the annual Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium. In the front row, from left to right, are Rachel KaminskiAliaa MaarYanhai Du, Ph.D., and Kai Zhao, Ph.D. In the back row are Theo Woodson and high school student Kevin Du.                                 (Photo credit: Rachel DeYoung)



  Aug. 10, 2015
  From Kent State University eInside,
  by Haley Keding

Two Kent State University students and a postdoctoral research associate in the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology have been awarded first-, second- and third-place prizes at the 2015 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium for their research on fuel cells, which are devices that convert chemical energy into electricity.

The symposium took place June 15-16 in Elyria, Ohio, where participants attended lectures, tours and presentations on fuel cells. The three competed in the Student Design Competition and were awarded monetary prizes for their presentations.

Graduate technology major Aliaa Maar won first place and received $300, postdoctoral research associate Kai Zhaoplaced second and received $200, and senior technology major Theo Woodson won third place and received $100.

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