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California Hydrogen &

Fuel Cell Summit

September 25-27, 2017

Sacramento, California


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Califorina Hydrogen Business Council presents


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Ports Workshop

October 3, 2017

Vallejo, California


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North American 

Fuel Cell Bus Conference

November 2-3, 2017

Canton, Ohio


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2017 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition 

November 7-9, 2017

Long Beach, California


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WELCOME TO THE OHIO FUEL CELL COALITION                                                                    




NATIONAL HYDROGEN & FUEL CELL DAY                                                                                

National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day was created to help raise awareness of a clean energy technology that is here nowOctober 8th (10.08) was chosen in reference to the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008)

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, Stark Area Regional Transit Authority, the Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Collaborative, and the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, along with other industry organizations, and state and federal governments, are celebrating this day with a variety of activities and events across the country. STAY TUNED!


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CORRIDOR NEWS                                                                                                                          

Next Generation Fuel Cells Could Soon Be Here Thanks to Graphene and Nanocrystals

Sep 17, 2017 | TrendinTech

(Credit: Berkeley)

(Image credit: Berkeley)

The study takes a closer look at to the atomic details of the crystals’ ultrathin coating as well as its role in making hydrogen storage more efficient. Using their expertise, the researchers managed to synthesize and coat the magnesium crystals while studying their chemical composition. They were also able to create computer simulations to help better understand how the crystals and their coating work together. Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) is similar to traditional graphene, and it allows hydrogen in through its nanoscale holes while keeping the larger molecules out. [Read More]






Ballard Power to Supply Fuel Cell Engines for Tram-buses

Sep 14, 2017 | NASDAQ

Ballard Power SystemsBLDP announced that it has accepted a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Van Hool NV to provide FCveloCity-HD 100-kilowatt fuel cell engines to SMTU-PPP (Syndicat Mixte de Transports urbains - Pau Portes des Pyrénées) and the STAP (Société de Transport de l'Agglomération Paloise) in Pau, France. Per the LOI, Van Hool, a Ballard partner in Europe, will be building eight ExquiCity tram-buses which will be energized using the aforementioned fuel cell engines during the second half of 2019. Ballard's Technology team is working relentlessly to provide clean services in order to accelerate fuel cell development not only in the United States but also across other markets in Canada, China, and Europe. The company announced its collaboration with Nisshinbo Holdings, an Environmental and Energy company, to develop a Non Precious Metal Catalyst (NPMC) that will be utilized in the world's first commercialized NPMC-based proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell product in Canada. [Read More]


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