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 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium

 June 10-11, 2014
 John A Spitzer Center
 Lorain County Community College
 Elyria OH - 44035

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Hydrogen fuel cells take the spotlight in Pakistan to combat ongoing energy crisis

April 10

Pakistan is currently facing an energy crisis that has affected much of the country. High demand for electrical power has strained the country’s energy grid, which has struggled to provide people with the energy they need for some time. As the crisis increases in severity, the government is beginning to take steps to resolve the issue. In the coming months, a national organization focused on the deployment of hydrogen fuel cells will be established in order to combat the energy crisis.

Government organization to be established to oversee the deployment of fuel cell energy systems.

Government officials believe that fuel cells will have a sustainable and positive impact on Pakistan’s economic development. These energy systems will be able to help overcome the country’s current energy crisis with limited consequences to the environment. The national organization being established by the government is expected to deploy a large range of fuel cells throughout the country. These energy systems will be used in grocery stores, commercial buildings, and even homes.  Read more.












2014 Symposium


The Role of Fuel Cells

in the 21st Century

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June 10 - 11, 2014

Plug Plots Path From Forklifts to Trucks for Fuel Cells

April 7

Plug Power Inc., the best performer on the Nasdaq, is looking for new markets where its fuel cells can take on fossil fuels. First on the list: refrigerated delivery trucks and airport support vehicles.

The company expects this year to report its first profit since its initial public offering in 1999 as sales grow for its fuel cell-powered forklifts.

Forklifts for the $20 billion material-handling market were never Chief Executive Officer Andrew Marsh’s ultimate goal. The ambition is to create an industrial ecosystem powered by fuel cells -- with forklifts as the first product to generate enough revenue to support the company. The U.S. Energy Department shares this view and expects to award $30 million in research grants this year, an official said yesterday at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New York.  Read more.

Stationary fuel cells may soon achieve commercialization

March 7

New report details the impressive progress that large fuel cells have made recently.  Stationary Fuel Cells - CommercializationStationary fuel cells have been on the verge of seeing widespread commercialization for several years.

A new report from WinterGreen Research suggests that commercialization may be achievable in the near future as the world begins to focus more heavily on fuel cells in general. Fuel cells have already won a dominant position in the auto industry and the capabilities of small-scale fuel cells have drawn attention to their larger counterparts.  Read more.














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