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OFCC Featured member - July 7, 2016


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Nexceris, LLC focuses its expertise in advanced materials science and ceramics to create commercial products that provide solutions to specific problems facing the energy and environmental markets.  These products stem from the company's long history of working with and developing solid oxide fuel cells under the previous company name, NexTech Materials. Nexceris continues to develop solid oxide fuel cells for military applications, and supports fuel cell research and development by offering its unique and highly engineered materials created for its own SOFC research, through its fuelcellmaterials division.  These materials provide a great basis for testing performance and are used in SOFC research and development world-wide.  Customers of fuelcellmaterials enjoy the ease and convenience of purchasing materials and equipment online through fuelcellmaterials.com, as well as the individual attention and support they receive from the knowledgeable sales team when they have questions or need advice.
Nexceris has also developed a ceramic coating process specifically for high temperature components, such as interconnects, which preserves the integrity of the metal and prevents the release of detrimental chromium species. This technology has been proven to extend the life of stainless steel to 80,000 hours, and can be applied at a very economical cost. Over 10,000 coated interconnect parts have already been delivered to customers, greatly increasing the life of their fuel cell stacks. Detailed information on this coating and its performance can be found in the Nexceris' white paper, ChromLokTM Oxide Overlay Coatings for the High Temperature Protection of Metallic Components.

Furthering the reach and capabilities of its ceramic materials, while continuing to support SOFC development, Nexceris developed an advanced ceramic sensor and monitoring system to detect dangerous levels of hydrogen in ambient air.  This sensor has many applications, and performs especially well when used for hydrogen fuel cell monitoring and laboratory and workspace monitoring, two applications where hydrogen use and generation can create flammable conditions in localized areas.  These sensors and monitoring systems are being used to improve safety and mitigate risk in labs and hydrogen fuel cell powered equipment across the country.  They are sold commercially through the NTM Sensors division of Nexceris, and can be purchased online at ntmsensors.com.

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