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Congratulations to
William (Bill) Whittenberger

awarded the
2018 OFCC Lifetime Achievement Award
at this year’s Symposium.

Bill was a longtime OFCC member and held a number of officers positions in the OFCC. Until his recent retirement, Bill served as Site and Technology Director of Johnson Matthey PTI in Ravenna, OH, which acquired the assets of Catacel Corp. in September 2014. Bill founded Catacel in 2001 with two partners, intending to develop and commercialize catalyst materials and systems using metal foil substrates. The Catacel business achieved success by providing heat exchange and catalyst solutions to numerous fuel cell system integrators and several Fortune-100 specialty customers. More recently, Catacel became known for devising and implementing foil based catalyst solutions in steam reformers.

Congratulations to
Rodger McKain

awarded the
2018 OFCC Leadership Award
at this year’s Symposium.

Dr. McKain is the co-founder, past chairman and a current board member of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, and continues to provide leadership to the organizaiton. He is a consultant for LG Fuel Cell Systems (LGFCS) Inc. where he was formerly the Vice President Government Programs and interim CEO at the North Canton, OH based company. Dr. McKain has been involved with the fuel cell industry for over 25 years, and has had responsibilities for developing and growing government program opportunities at the state and national levels. He serves on the Board of the national Fuel Cell Hydrogen and Energy Association. He has been the co-inventor of four patents, and has authored or coauthored and presented over 50 publications and public presentations.

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The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition is a united group of industry, academic, and government leaders working collectively to strengthen Ohio’s fuel cell industry and to accelerate the transformation of the region to global leadership in fuel cell technology.  

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Ohio is internationally recognized as a global center for the fuel cell industry. Ohio has a unique combination of knowledge, resources and infrastructure to support the development of this clean and efficient energy technology. 



The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition is helping make Ohio the center of the global fuel cell industry. Through the coordinated efforts of the OFCC, its members can participate and enjoy a growing position in this dynamic industry.