The OFCC Welcomes the Following Exhibitors:

Our SUPPORTING SPONSOR, Johnson Matthey is a London-based global specialty chemicals company underpinned by science, technology and its people. The CATACELJM product range sits within the Johnson Matthey Process Technologies division. Within catalysis, Johnson Matthey Process Technologies is a supplier of both precious and base metal catalysts and offers products for a diverse range of industries, from fuel cells and environmental catalysts to petrochemicals, edible oils and specialist oil and gas purification. Johnson Matthey also supplies a full range of catalysts for synthesis gas (syngas), ammonia, methanol and hydrogen, substitute natural gas (SNG) and FCC additives under its KATALCOJM and INTERCATJM product brands. Johnson Matthey has operations in more than 30 countries and employs approximately 12,000 people. Its products and services are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.

Global warming is a serious threat to human life on Earth. Our CONTRIBUTING SPONSOR, Kent State University and the Kent State Clean Energy and Sustainability Research Team, work diligently to provide research, insights, and breakthroughs to the ever-evolving field of Fuel Cells, a practical technology for major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Meet Dr. Yanhai Du, KSU 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, and his team and see where their research is leading them and the fuel cell industry.

Since 1972, HIBLOW pumps have been built upon the pillars of precision manufacturing and innovative engineering. We have manufactured and provided hundreds of thousands of pump units for fuel cell integrators since 2005—including gas boosters, cathode air blowers, and hydrogen recirculation blowers. Low energy consumption, exceptional service life, low noise, and lubrication free—HIBLOW pumps are the ideal fluid power component for your integrated fuel cell system. We have the experience and capacity for large production volumes, while retaining the flexibility of a custom manufacturer.

pH Matter is a leading developer and manufacturer of catalysts and advanced carbon materials for electrode applications.  pH Matter’s patented COR-CatTM catalysts improve fuel cell durability, increase power density, and lower cost.  The catalysts are based on low platinum loading with a multi-functional carbon support.  pH Matter is also developing patent-pending advanced carbon materials for higher-performing gas diffusion layers to improve fuel cell power density.

Since 1961, Micro-Sales has been representing High Performance, Best in Class manufacturers of Radio Frequency/Microwave and AC/DC Power Components and Equipment for OEM and Test & Measurement applications. Supporting Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Consumer, Educational, Industrial, Medical and Military markets. We Specialize in Alternative Energy/Power Conversion Testing Solutions and Precision Power Analysis Equipment.High Efficiency/Regenerative Solutions.

With more than 40 years of experience Zircar Zirconia, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying solutions for extremely high temperature applications. Using the Original Zircar process, Zircar Zirconia, Inc. is best known for ZYF, yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) felt. These unique fibers are also available as textiles, bulk fiber and vacuum formed, custom machined shapes. The Original Zircar process is also used to produce the same format products in ceria, alumina, yttria, and custom chemistries. Zircar Zirconia, Inc. has input all of our experience to design and manufacture Hot Spot 110. A 110V, plug in, 1700 °C, lab furnace that we use day in and day out in our quality lab. Dental labs, universities, and other material testing labs have been buying the Hot Spot 110 for over a decade.

Solar Wind Storage is a company founded by two engineers who have great interest in addressing climate change and the barriers to renewable energy options. We have developed a process to convert green energy into hydrogen, which can be stored in large volumes and subsequently reconverted into electricity.Solar Wind Storage has been awarded a US patent and has a pending application with the EPO. We have developed a working model that fully demonstrates the principles involved and functionality of the hydrogen generation and storage process. It is also noted that no new technologies need to be developed to make this system work. We are seeking to foster relationships that can help lead us to attracting the interest of leaders in this field, who have the resources to make our dream of contributing to the solution to climate change a reality.

Gannon & Scott is the leader in our industry in its commitment to sustainable precious metal recovery and refining. By definition, secondary precious metal refining is a recycling activity that preserves and protects natural resources. But for us sustainability means so much more. It means protection of the environment by operating all our plants as "zero discharge" facilities and utilizing the most comprehensive and advanced pollution control systems. It also means being committed to generating renewable energy for a smaller carbon footprint and valuing positive corporate social responsibilities.

Nel Hydrogen is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen. We serve industries, energy and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Nel has a history of development and continual improvement of hydrogen plants. Providing solutions that meet global hydrogen requirements for industrial applications including generator cooling in power plants, semiconductor and thin film manufacturing, material processing, chemical processing, meteorology, leak detection, and lower flammability limit (LFL) detector fuel. Our patented Alkaline and Proton® PEM electrolysis systems coupled with uncompromising attention to excellence and quality enable us to partner with leading research institutions, governments and militaries. Globally Nel delivers, installs and supports gas generation units on every continent.

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Advanced TechWorks (ATW) is a collaboration of experienced engineers and developers with over 100 years of combined experience in delivering complex engineered solutions. We enable our customers to develop and deliver product or R&D minded solutions quickly and with fewer iterations. We accomplish this by leveraging our broad and successful backgrounds in advanced technology and alternative energy systems development. Our team can deliver custom solutions ranging from individual components to full systems. Our experience includes PFD and P&ID development, systems operation, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), HazOp Studies, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Risk Analysis and more. We also offer prototyping, fabrication, machining, and assembly capabilities specializing in welding and fabrication of intricate, high-temperature, superalloy weldments and assemblies. This includes ejectors, tubing assemblies, manifolds, heat exchangers and sheet metal enclosures.

Luxfer GTM Technologies, one of the first companies to offer Department of Transportation-certified composite cylinder-based gas transports in the USA, has become the leading manufacturer in this sector and one of the largest composite gas transport module manufacturers in the world. Our purpose is to provide customized solutions for service industries, helping them store and transport gases in the safest, lightest, and most reliable way. Luxfer GTM Transports are safe, lightweight, and reliable. All of our modules meet the highest safety standards, are over 60% lighter than traditional steel transports, and are covered by the longest warranties in the industry.

Rel-Tek manufactures a complete line of gas monitoring and control systems, including PC-based data logging and telemetry software and a full complement of field I/O hardware. Sensors include carbon monoxide and other toxics, methane and all combustibles, oxygen(% and PPM), carbon dioxide, NO2, SO2, H2S, smoke, temp, pressure, RH and air velocity. We supply complete systems and our world-class Millennia-DX PC-based SCADA software provides a dependable, easy to use HMI utility that is powerful, yet economical. Rel-Tek is a major supplier to alternative-fueled vehicle maintenance operations (CNG, LNG and LPG). Automatic sensor calibration is our forte -- unique to Rel-Tek, patents pending. It virtually eliminates the major cost of on going gas sensor maintenance, while improving sensor accuracy and safety.

NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) performs research and development to advance aviation, enable exploration of the universe, and improve life on Earth. Its scientists and engineers deliver advanced flight systems for spacecraft and improve efficiency and safety in aircraft, often in partnership with U.S. companies, universities, and other government institutions. The Center’s core capabilities are air-breathing and in-space propulsion, power and energy storage systems, communications, materials, biomedical technologies and advanced physical science space experiments. Its core energy storage expertise includes design, development, and testing of Li-ion and “Beyond Li-ion” batteries, proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cells, electrolysis systems, and flywheels. GRC also integrates these technologies as well as super capacitors into integrated systems to mature the technologies for final product development for ground testing and aeronautics and space flight missions.

INTERSTATE TRAVELER COMPANY, LLC: The Hydrogen Super Highway is a large scale elevated rail system that bundles all vital municipal utilities into a Conduit Cluster that is safely encased within the primary structural steel beam of the elevated rail system. This primary structural steel beam is laminated with photovoltaic materials creating a first-of-its-kind full integration of solar powered hydrogen production, storage and distribution subsystems within an elevated fixed guideway network to maximize magnetic levitation and propulsion for public use. For People, for Cars, for Trucks and ISO Intermodal Containers the Hydrogen Super Highway will bridge the gap of time and distance in greater comfort, greater safety and greater speed than any other system on Earth. The Hydrogen Super Highway.... The Original Smart Grid for Public Transportation.

Dexmet Corporation manufactures precision expanded metal foils and polymers with exacting mechanical and electrical properties to meet very tight conductivity, weight and dimensional tolerances. The company maintains a continuous commitment to quality control and process improvement, including SPC implementation. Ongoing innovations include our unique strand annealing furnace as well as a host of other highly specialized proprietary equipment.

Dexmet’s solid customer base is predicated upon its reputation as the premier, quality supplier of precision-expanded metal foils. Many of our customers are among the world’s most recognized brands. When they need quality expanded material for their end products and applications they come to Dexmet.

Patrick Fullenkamp, Principal, and Lorenzo Prestel, Student Project Demonstrator, both from Greentree Consulting, will be demonstrating a Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell-Powered Electric Car Kit with hydrogen being generated by electrolyzing water with battery, wind, or solar energy. Patrick has over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of automotive and wind turbine components. He has worked with the offshore wind industry leaders in Europe, manufacturing and hydrogen fuel cell industry leaders in the U.S., Denmark, Germany, U.K., Belgium, Japan, China, and South Korea. He was the Principal Investigator for two U.S. Department of Energy Projects.  In 2017, Mr. Fullenkamp received the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program R&D Award for outstanding leadership in methodology and assessment of global competitiveness in the hydrogen and fuel cells industry.   

Anywherenergy, a Technology Management Company, has breakthrough technology emerging in the field of electric power generation, and is a super-efficient, household scale, standalone generator able to operate continuously 24/7. Employing fuel cells running on ordinary fuels, it is the size of a home dishwasher, yet able to operate at higher efficiencies than the largest power plants and deliver power more reliably than the utility grid. Appropriately called the AnywherEnergy (AE) system, it is ideal for meeting nearly any power application beyond the grid. It runs on virtually any ordinary liquid or gas fuel, including pipeline natural gas, high sulfur military JP-8, renewable biofuels, and even used cooking oil. It is very efficient and when otherwise wasted heat is utilized, its efficiency can approach 100%.