OFCC Committees

The OFCC carries much of its work through volunteer Committees.  This allows us to: 

  1. Leverage the expertise and interests of our Members.
  2. Get the best ideas and create plans for implementation. 
  3. Engage our Members in their particular areas of interest. 
  4. Achieve our common objectives together. 

Education Committee
Chair - James Maloney (Stark State College)


Work to develop and implement initiatives that support growth in fuel cell content in curricula for K-12, and higher education programs, and develop public education and workforce development opportunities that expand knowledge of fuel cell technology.

Executive Committee 
Chair - Caroline Ramsey (Honda)


Act on the Board's behalf and report all such actions to the Board; provide direction to the Executive Director and to all Committees on behalf of, and in accordance with any special instructions of the Board, and reviewing and overseeing the overall activities of the Corporation.

Funding and Partnership Opportunities Committee
Chair - Pat Valente (Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition)


Explore potential viability of partnership and funding opportunities within the scope of the OFCC mission.

Government Affairs Committee
Chairs - Andrew Thomas, (CSU) State, Kirt Conrad, (SARTA) Federal


Educate legislators and advocate for support of fuel cell industry

Marketing Committee


Increase public, state, national, and international awareness of Ohio fuel cell activities.