Why Ohio?

The Fuel Cell Corridor


Ohio is internationally recognized as a global center for the fuel cell industry. Ohio has a unique combination of knowledge, resources and infrastructure to support the development of this clean and efficient energy technology. The result is a hotbed of fuel cell businesses that are making real products today. Thus, Ohio is the top destination for the fuel cell industry.

Why is Ohio the Fuel Cell Corridor?

Ohio is a top destination for the fuel cell industry because of the significant industry cluster that exists here. With ongoing state and private investment, we're growing the Fuel Cell Corridor.  According to Forbes magazine, Ohio is one of five states currently leading in fuel cell development.  

Specialized Industry Resources

  • Access to supply chain: component suppliers, testing services, material suppliers, strategic partners
  • Research and development: collaboration between universities and companies is facilitated by programs such as Third Frontier and the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition
  • Manufacturing and innovation infrastructure: legacy of advanced manufacturing assets/expertise and advanced materials technologies
  • Skilled workforce: from the world's leading researchers to skilled manufacturing labor
  • Workforce development: educational programs in place to cultivate the fuel cell workforce of the future
  • Central logistics:  within 500 miles of 60% of U.S. markets